Sometimes celebrities really like each other and other times they totally fake their relationships for publicity. Here are 8 celebrities who we think faked their relationships for media attention:. When Howard Stern later asked him about his relationship with the reality TV star, Steve-O admitted that it was a publicity stunt. It was a big publicity stunt. She would come pick me up. I think she called the paparazzi too. These muther effers were coming from all directions. I want to be in the tabloids! Yeah, we totally thought their relationship was a PR stunt. Why else would Nicole Richie be hanging out with Steve-O?

Celebs who’ve been accused of a fake relationship

Most celebrities are extremely public figures. We know almost everything about them and their lives. We follow their lives in newspapers, online and on TV. We know all the latest gossip pertaining to them and most of us discuss them and their lives with our friends. Some of these celebrities are musicians and some are actors. Of course, when it comes to real celebrities those who actually do something we follow their careers and their new releases.

5 Jennifer Aniston And Vince Vaughn.

Over the years, many iconic celebrity relationships have come out of the woodworks. Brad and Angelina wowed us all with their charity work and their unbelievable attractiveness, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson gave us newlywed blues on their reality show, Seal and Heidi Klum gave us model realness within their marriage, and Chris Pratt and Anna Faris made us believe in superheroes and super love. Yet, when these relationships all came to an end, we all felt as if our own hearts had been broken, and that we had all been dumped.

Could they have deceived us all along? Well, here are the celebs who have been accused of a fake relationship. As devout Scientologists, the details surrounding their marriage were kept under lock and key. Whenever the pair were asked about their marriage during televised interviews, they were accompanied by Scientology chaperones, and there were even rumors that Katie was having an affair with the founder of the church, L.

Ron Hubbard.

20 Couples That Will Make You Wonder if All Celebrities Fake Relationships

So, you want to help your organization reach a wider audience of potential donors , or boost the funding of your worthy projects? Reaching out to celebrities can be one way to do this. At Look to the Stars, we receive thousands of emails from people who work with non-profits, are looking for support for a charity auction or event, or are putting together philanthropic TV shows, radio programs, books or news stories.

No matter how much they rant over celebrity gossip sites and tabloids depriving like to know that the lead pair of an upcoming movie is also dating in real life.

I don’t know why this has happened to me. I work hard and I’m dedicated, but overall I’m totally surprised. What did I do to deserve this? Entertainment and sports celebrities are the leading players in our Public Drama. We tell tales, both tall and cautionary, about them. We monitor their comings and goings, their missteps and heartbreaks.

We copy their mannerisms, their styles, their modes of conversation and of consumption. Whether or not celebrities are “the chief agents of moral change in the United States,” n3 they certainly are widely used — far more than are institutionally anchored elites — to symbolize individual aspirations, group identities, and cultural values.

In December , for example, shortly before the outbreak of the Gulf War, a story circulated in Washington that President Bush had boasted to a congressional delegation that Saddam Hussein was “going to get his ass kicked. Instead, he hitched up his pants in the manner of John Wayne. Everyone got the point. The fact that celebrities haul so much semiotic freight in our culture has a number of important consequences.

One such consequence — one with which American law, in my view, has been unduly impressed — is that star images enhance the commercial value of commodities with which they are associated.

For brands and designers, it’s free publicity when celebrities wear their ware

There are also plenty of Hollywood A-listers who aren’t kidding around here, and are slightly more pragmatic in their approach to love: Why get any soulmate when you could have a soulmate who benefits you professionally? The schedules and lifestyles that stars are held to are extremely taxing, and best understood by someone who is under the same pressure.

There’s also the small matter of worrying that a civilian might be in it for the wrong reasons; what better way to ensure that someone isn’t dating you for your money than to date someone with just as much as you? No one has any definitive proof that anyone in the biz has gotten together solely for business reasons and we’re not exactly in the business of outing people; it is Valentine’s Week after all , but there are definitive ways that celebs come out of these relationships all the better for them.

was dating Bella Swan IRL delighted the little hearts of many (ourselves maybe included) – obviously deep down we knew it was probably a publicity stunt.

He admitted it was all either to generate hype around the celebrity in question, should they have a movie to promote, or distract from some unappealing publicity, such as a project flop,. Jack — who previously worked for Hollywood big dogs PMK-BNC talent agency, which represents the likes of Cameron Diaz and Jameela Jamil — explained relationships of this ilk have evolved over the years, once employed to hide the fact an actor was yet to come out as gay.

She did not want to do a two year deal. Speaking to a lawyer, the podcast asked divorce lawyer Christopher Melcher of Walzer Melche as to the clauses. During a GQ interview in , Tom addressed the speculation surrounding his relationship with Taylor. We will always know what it was. Nobody had the context for that story. If you’ve got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro. Follow Metro. Got a showbiz story? Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Share this with Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link.

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However, even if this is the case, Kim is not the first and will certainly not be the last celebrity to have married for publicity — although hers may be amongst the shortest marriage publicity stunts to come to our attention! In actual fact, whilst some people see marriage as a means of commitment to the one you love, others see it more as a convenience.

In centuries gone by, royal marriages were usually nothing to do with love but were carried out to create alliances. In the same way, some celebrities do not get married because of undying love but because they want to form a strong celebrity alliance that will raise their profile and give them more clout in the world of celebrity. Some celebrity marriages that have been dubbed publicity stunts in the past include:. Britney Spears : Whilst she was still riding high in the world of celebrity at the time, some believe that the songstress decided to wed a childhood friend in Vegas, completely out of the blue, as a publicity stunt.

› Entertainment.

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole are stoking relationship rumors all over the place, but some One Direction fans are convinced that their romance is a ruse. While they’re the only ones who can confirm or deny their romance, that hasn’t stopped people from talking. However, they’re not the only couple to face criticism for allegedly “faking” their relationship. And, hey! Just because you don’t expect love to blossom between two people doesn’t mean it won’t. Click through the gallery to see more celebrity relationships that were accused of being totally fake.

Let us know if you agree or disagree with any of these in the comments! Love J? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun, exclusive videos with your favorite stars.

Stars That Married for Publicity

When paparazzi pictures emerged recently of singer Shawn Mendes with his arms around fellow singer Camila Cabello, their respective fan bases went bananas. Though the long-term friends refused to confirm or deny the relationship, they were then spotted kissing and holding hands in public throughout July including a rather unsettling public pash session at a San Francisco cafe.

Yes, another millennial music power couple had somehow found each other in the glare of the spotlight.

Many people do not realize this because it is quite old, but in there were rumors that Drake and Jennifer Lopez might be dating and the.

Countless celebrities turn to dating to boost their publicity, but what are the consequences? Some celebrity couples seem too bizarre or too good to be true. For instance, it’s pretty hard to believe that couples like Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston shared even one genuine moment of romance. Despite their claims of true love , it seems the general population isn’t completely fooled by their too-perfect romance. Even though faux celebrity couples like these are often called out for being fake, they show no sign of disappearing anytime soon.

Celebrities seem to keep on dating for publicity, no matter the consequences. Why do they do it? Simply stated, it works. It gets them in magazines, entertainment news shows, and blogs. It keeps them relevant, which is kind of the most important thing when you are a celebrity. They have world-class publicists who know that all the celebs have to do is get photographed holding hands with the right guy or girl, and people will talk about it. What message does this send?

8 Celebrity Couples Who Faked It For Publicity

Subscriber Account active since. All summer, there has been something peculiar in the air — at least in regard to celebrity relationships. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin also got engaged after re-establishing their on-again, off-again relationship for a little over a month. Most recently, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra reportedly got engaged after dating for about two months. Do the celebrities know something we don’t?

Is getting engaged after dating for roughly the same amount of time as an average menstrual cycle actually a good thing to do?

2 Kid Rock And Pam Anderson.

On the surface, the pair make a lot of sense: Swift, the most successful pop star on the planet, Hiddleston, a very British actor in a very successful franchise. She’s tall, he’s tall. Neither of them can dance. But the very public way in which they have played out their romance so far—kissing on a beach in front of the paparazzi, meeting each other’s parents in front of the paparazzi, touring Rome in front of the paparazzi, celebrating the 4th of July in front of the paparazzi—has led everyone from their respective fanbases to Phillip Schofield to call bullshit on the whole spectacle.

But celebrities end up in fake relationships if it indeed is a fake relationship all the time, for many reasons. Usually it’s just good old-fashioned, dead-eyed cynical ambition. As proved by genuine couples as far back as Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbank and up to the current-day mainstays such as the Beckhams, the Knowles-Carters, the Kardashian-Wests, and the Jolie-Pitts, two celebs are better than one in terms of earning power and brand recognition.

For the rich and famous, it makes sense, strategically speaking, to date other rich and famous people. Sometimes this kind of pairing turns into a spectacular shitshow. Kaley Cuoco, star of inexplicably long-running, award-winning canned laughter show The Big Bang Theory and Henry Cavill, the guy who got the role of Superman because he’s the not-gay Matt Bomer, were represented by the same PR company and completely coincidentally began dating in around the release of Man of Steel.

Their grocery shopping outings struggled to make anyone believe the two were doing anything more than holding hands the second a camera lens pointed their way, and the “relationship” was almost comically brief. On the other hand, relationships forged in a marketing boardroom can occasionally blossom into something more genuine. It seems likely that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, as the stars of one of the biggest teen movie franchises in the world, were encouraged toward replicating their onscreen romance off-screen to further sell in the idea of true, unending vampire love to Twilight fans.

Top 10 Celebrity Relationships That Seemed Like Publicity Stunts

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