Oo can i have a story with either hanbin or kibum! Thanks hun n congrats again on 8k!! Please enjoy, my lovely friend! Originally posted by hanbin-i-kon. As soon as you heard your manager had posted the schedule for next week, you slipped away from the front to go look. Hanbin, unsurprisingly, had the same idea as you.

Old Footage Of iKON Members Kissing BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Resurface

Originally posted by baeky-v. These are their stories. Keep reading. AN: A quick drabble for idontknowapil written in about 15 minutes; hope yall like it!

Lee Know; Hyunjin; Bang Chan; Changbin. Pick a name: Donghyuk; Jinhwan; Yunhyeong; Junhoe; Chanwoo; Jiwon; Hanbin; I can’t decide!

After clearing past songs from his SoundCloud account earlier and putting his personal Instagram account on private recently, Hanbin ended the long wait of his fans by surprising everyone with a new song on January 2! This decision to go a capella was able to put emphasis on his voice and emotions — making it even more well-loved by fans. Seemingly fitting to the situation between him and his fans at the moment, the rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer returned with beautiful yet hauntingly sad lyrics which showed his talents in writing once again.

Fans also used the hashtag WelcomeBackHanbin to express their overflowing joy over this wonderful surprise which opened their beautifully, and it was able to take over the top trending lists worldwide as well. Hanbin, my boy I just want you to know that even after all these months, I never had a change of heart. Not even one bit. Thank you for this gift. Thank you!

It was so hard, it was so hard for me. I was so young, to me it was so difficult”. B GA ON? WelcomeBackHanbin pic.

YG Entertainment denied MOMOLAND’s Daisy and iKON’s Yunhyeong are dating

It remains the most popular iKON song to date and one of the most popular songs released by an idol group in recent years. Fans all know that B. Their official twitter account posted a photo of a celebratory poster and the poster had no mention of B.

Bobby and B.I basically grew up together which makes them true brothers. · They even joined “Show Me The Money” together and supported each.

Request : hanbin angst scnenario, you get jealous over lee hi and you two get into fight, he said hurtful things to you and you want break up but he regret it happy end please? The two coffee cups balanced awkwardly in my hands as I turned on my heel, back pressed against the winding glass door. Carefully, I moved backwards, spinning around to face frontwards, cardboard cups steady.

My bag swung at my side with each step, my dirty old Converse softly patting against the tile floor of the YG Entertainment Building. I worked during the morning and had lab in the afternoons, and at night I came to spend time with Hanbin while he wrote and produced. Sure, I was tired, but it was worth being tired if I got to see him. He smiled at me with wrinkled, half-moon eyes. There were bags under them that made me paused, staring at him with a frown. Chuckling, I shook my head at him, turning to start up the stairwell.

He called his goodbye after me and I balanced the drinks in order to wave back. The AC in the building was blasting, apparently. I held the coffee cups tightly, sighing in relief from the warmth they pooled into my cold palms.

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Crush Imagines Pregnant Tumblr. You pray to the jug of milk to give you 1, Somebody To Love.

Broadcast date: May 18 Starring: B.I of iKon, Up10tion, April B.I of iKon (Naver V app)B.I of i.

Rumor has it that after this eventful night for Hanbin he went to the studio and wrote more songs. Will they be included in iKON’s Repackage album? Does he hint to their relationship in their new song? Gurl, you’re living the life of a successful shipper these days, huh? I love that the fansite decided to not only leave Hanbin in the pic of Dahyun but also tag him. Everyone is on board this destined-to-fail ship. He said she was cute last year but during Idol Room he said Dahyun is his bias.

You should have added this photo. Dahyun would have spot Dispatch before they found them. That night Hanbin went to his studio and wrote at least 3 songs based on one of his muses. All this time I thought Sana was his bias in twice. I knew this couldn’t be true because no camera can take pics of Dahyun without her noticing I’d be all in for a TwiceKon couple though.


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“You wouldn’t date” he answered back, a fake look of shock on his face. Tags fanfic chanwoo vomit hanbin sickfic ikon ikonchanwoo ikonyunhyeong migraine.

Media outlet Dispatch reported that B. I, also known as Kim Han Bin, had attempted to purchase marijuana and lysergic acid diethylamide LSD sometime in In addition, Dispatch released chat transcripts dated April that purportedly showed the singer’s conversations with a drug dealer, known only as ‘A’. Dispatch claimed that B. His reason for wanting to try the hallucinogenic drug?

Because he wanted to “become a genius”. P was involved in a marijuana scandal in

iKON’s B.I Responds To Comments Claiming He Lied About Never Dating Before

Think of this as a space to share whatever you’re thinking about now, whether it be about the music, the people or even the merchandise. Hanbin Sensitive Topic Trigger Warning self. I was a casual iKon fan before he left, and even then I was more drawn in by Bobby.

iKON BOBBY 바비 on Instagram: “BOBDONG ON A DATE WITH OBANG SKDJSJS THIS IS SO CUTE Bobby’s looking fine AF btw, how to breathe??

Sneeze Sickfic They absolutely positively do not get sick. Feline immunodeficiency virus FIV is a Lentivirus that affects cats worldwide, with 2. Ginny Weasley came running into the Burrow’s kitchen one frosty winter’s morning. Character A sniffs, and rubs their nose, blushing slightly. Caretaker 25 years old. Just colds and stuff I’m in my mid 20s. Lumpy gets the measles. Chatacter A: B, how much sleep have you been getting? Character B: sometimes when I sneeze, I close my eyes for a brief second.

Comments: 47 Kudos: Bookmarks. That’s all!. Also I headcanon that Benny’s full name is Bennett.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Seokjin Google Drive Feb 29, – Explore samanthanellard’s board “korean entertainment”, followed by people on Pinterest. Released 25th. Even though it was just the airport it was amazing. It’s in celebration for having 9K followers in IG and 1. See more ideas about Bts, Songs, My google drive. Google Drive Openload.

pairing: kim hanbin x male!reader • word count: • to do. “Are you sure you two aren’t dating?” Chanwoo raises an eyebrow at Hanbin, both.

Thank you so much :. The relationship would start out kinda slow as he got to know you on more of a romantic level but once he did get to know you better the charming, bubbly, spontanousness that is Bobby would come out. One of the best things about him is that he would do just about anything for you to make sure you cared for and happy. No matter how busy his schedule was he would assure you that if you even just needed to talk he was just a text or phone call away. Originally posted by jinbap.

However, once in a relationship he might get a little awkward around you but he would completely adore you. His number one priority would be to protect you, care for you, and to make you happy. Originally posted by chanwoostinkerbell. Jinhwan: Being a complete softie his number one priority would be your needs above his in your relationship.

Who is B.I’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim han bin from iKON

The number of daily new coronavirus cases in South Korea remained in the s on Saturday for the second straight day, as officials urged citizens to abide by enhanced social dist The ruling Democratic Party DP is set to kick off a convention to elect its new leader and top party representatives Saturday in an unprecedented virtual congress arranged in re Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s envisioned departure from office due to a chronic illness is raising expectations for a shift for the better in relations between Seoul and To The South Korean left-hander gave up two runs on eight hits in six

While using personal information like your full date of birth or your current Top 45 social networks we search: Spotify Community. hanbin hanbin ikon ikon.

Tips for enjoying summer despite the pandemic. Not wearing a mask is not an option Part 2. Masks hold images of pandemic, Hong Kong protests. Life goes on amid coronavirus pandemic Part 8. K-pop’s iKON. I quit the band in June over drug allegations. The group unveiled three photos from its new music video on its official Instagram on Monday. The pictures feature members in dazzling red outfits against a backdrop of fire.

Captured from iKON’s new music video. But the management company has not disclosed the EP’s release date or the lead track’s title. I, 23, left the group in June after being engulfed in a drug scandal. The singer, whose real name is Kim Han-bin, partially admitted in September that he had purchased and consumed marijuana in He was then booked.

Sneeze Sickfic

I, whose real name is Kim Hanbin, was the leader and songwriter for the seven-piece boy band but has had to leave the group after allegedly attempting to to purchase marijuana and LSD in Initially there was a denial by B. I has nothing to do with the alleged drug case. I submitted to the urine test ahead all of their activities. Not one member tested positive for drug use. This was blown out of the water by B.

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I left the group on June 12th, He said when the camera focuses on him, the looks in his eyes are sexy. Profile wrote by the members — They said he loves wine and drinking. Profile wrote by the members — Arirang TV — They admitted that Jinhwan is narcissist because the thinks everyone likes him. Profile wrote by the members — Jinhwan lived in the Philippines for seven months before he debuted. Show more Jay fun facts…. I and Jinhwan. Arirang TV — The members said that when he eats, he has to eat the same amount of rice and side dishes.

Arirang TV — The members said that Yunhyeong is good at making fun of others, but hates being made fun of. Show more Song fun facts…. Bobby facts: — He was born in Seoul, South Korea. Weekly Idol — Bobby is in love with Winnie the Pooh, he received a stuffed Winnie the Pooh since birth from his brother and still has it. Like Wonder Woman.


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